Don R. Miller
Consulting Geologist
625 Bakers Bridge Ave, Ste 105
Franklin, TN 37067

I was born in the oil and coal fields of northern West Virginia.  I was so ugly at birth that I was abandoned in the nearby forest.  There, I was adopted and raised by a pack of wolves.  I lived with the wolves for sixteen years and was finally kicked out of the pack when they found out I wanted to be a geologist.

I joined the U.S. Navy at 17 and served my time.  Got out in 1960 and enrolled at West Virginia University in the geology program.  I stayed until I got my bachelor’s and my master’s degrees in geology.

My first job out of school in 1964 was with Humble Oil and Refining Co.(referred to now as Exxon) on the Gulf Coast.  Three years later, I worked on a doctorate at the University of Tennessee for four years (Geology).  Before completion,  I stopped the academic pursuit and started my own consulting business.  It seemed I was destined to get into the oil and gas business since many in my family were wildcat drillers, oilfield teamsters, roughnecks, and rig hands.

I have worked in different capacities as a Coal Geologist, Petroleum Geologist,  Environmental Geologist,  Engineering Geologist,  CEO, Chairman,  and Manager.

I have started and managed several companies in the geologic consulting, oil and gas, and construction businesses,  and was a stock broker for a few years 

That’s it, if you must have a full accounting of my career I will send you a resume.

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